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 Age of Conan Feat Calculator Launched

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PostSubject: Age of Conan Feat Calculator Launched   May 13th 2008, 12:48 pm

Funcom has launched a feat calculator Web site that “is a tool for player to explore the various options available to them for their character’s builds, without having to worry about in-game costs to retrain their feats.”

“This tool will allow you to view all of the feats for every single class, and interact with them in the same exact way you would in-game, but with a few extra features,” says the site.

“On top of being able to easily and quickly see all the feats for all the classes at will, the tool also shows you all three feat trees at once for better information delivery.

“On top of all that goodness, you can also link your feat builds to your friends so that they can take a look at what you had in mind. Sharing your feat builds is highly encouraged and people love to see what other people are planning for their characters.”

Wow, if only we knew what all that meant. Sounds great though.

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Age of Conan Feat Calculator Launched
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