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 TKK vs. O*K

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PostSubject: TKK vs. O*K   May 29th 2008, 10:29 pm

This match was a little tougher, two of their members had prestiged all the way the 10 and were lvl 55. It was a little intimidating but it's not like we couldn't have beaten them because we aren't noobs and know how to play CWs.

We unfortunately lost. It was close at times but mostly not, lol. I'm going to take the blame for this one though, my mic died before we got into the match so comms were shit on my part. It took us 15 mins to get the game started because we couldn't find a host that everyone could connect to and that kinda screwed with our focus. It was also poorly planned because I accepted the match the same time it started so we really didn't get a chance to get tactics out.
Very poorly planned sorry guys :[

Heres the report anyway:

Official Killers

Total Kombat Killers

First Map- Bloc- Domination
O*K- 200
TKK- 100
Right out of the gate we weren't read for this. My mic was dead and that prevented us from coordinating which flag to go capture and help to spotting enemies. We captured A and ran to get to B but apparently O*K's entire team ran to B to capture it and ran back to C to get that flag. So now we're down two flags and have no control at all. We were back on our heels almost the entire match unable to even get out to C to make an attempt at their flag. We were able to capture B a few times but they got it back quickly and held B and C the rest of the match.

Second Map- Vacant- Team Deathmatch
O*K~ 600
TKK~ 540
This was much closer. Unfortunately we didn't lead at all but we were able to come within two kills, no closer though. It started out alright, they got the upperhand but we stayed right there. It was only when they decided to take control of the room where the C flag would be in Domination and plant claymores everywhere. They camped there almost the entire time constantly planting claymores. We would finally flush them out and go looking for them again but they always went back to that room and camped. Comms were again really really poor thanks in large part to my dead mic. Mjd at one point decided to try and order adam and I around but that was thwarted quickly when i took my mic off the charger and made him think better of it, lol. He's a little inexperienced but we will get better.

Overall a tough loss but they won fair and square. Again the poor planning did us over and we just lost our focus. I promise to have my mic fully charged before matches here on out. My bad guys.

Things are still looking up though. We'll get 'em next time.

PS. We are still looking for a fourth or fifth player. It's a lot easier to get matches when we have at least four people. We play early between 8:30 and 10:30. I know those are too early for some people but that's really the only time mjd and I can get matches in. Join us!!

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TKK vs. O*K
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